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5 Best Virus Removal Software

The protection built into the operating system is not enough. Therefore, not to lose sensitive data, access to accounts, and money in a bank account, it is worth installing a good antivirus. This article is about the best antivirus programs.

The role of antivirus for the modern user

Antivirus software is a program for detecting and treating malicious objects or infected files, as well as for prevention – preventing infection of a file or operating system with malicious code. Antivirus software consists of routines that try to detect, prevent replication, and remove computer viruses and other malicious programs. Many modern antiviruses also allow you to detect and remove Trojans and other malicious programs.

The best options of antivirus software

Antivirus products can be classified on several grounds, such as antivirus protection technologies used, product functionality, target platforms. Below we will look at the top 5 most popular and powerful antiviruses which will help to remove all virus applications from your computer:

  1. Avast Free Antivirus

It is an excellent free antivirus that has earned the recognition of millions of users around the world thanks to its reliable protection against Trojans and viruses in real-time. The latest version of Avast boasts an updated intuitive interface, several unique features (AutoSandbox, Intelligent Scanner, etc.), improved performance, and, most importantly, one of the widest virus databases in the world (it is updated daily). The service introduces the user to a new feature AutoSandbox, which allows you to automate the process of placing suspicious files in the “sandbox”.

  1. AVG Anti-Virus Free

It is a popular antivirus whose main feature is deep integration into the system. It automatically scans files and programs when they run, to avoid infection with viruses, Trojans, and spyware. AVG also provides the user with a customizable scanner. With this feature, you can control both the process of scanning your computer for infected files and the process of treating them. The new version of AVG has a completely updated interface, which now boasts a nice appearance and user-friendly menus.

  1. ESET NOD32 Smart Security

It is a great integrated solution to protect your computer from all kinds of virtual threats. Viruses, trojans, rootkits, adware, spam – all this is easily forgotten after installing this wonderful antivirus. ESET NOD32 Smart Security has everything you need to protect your PC: several levels of protection against any type of unwanted software or virus, a personal customizable firewall to encrypt the connection, parental control, monitoring, and scanning of connected devices, free round-the-clock technical, etc.

  1. Web Antivirus

It is a free antivirus solution for detecting and destroying viruses and other malware. Thanks to an effective heuristic analyzer, Dr. Web easily detects new unknown types of virtual threats even on social networks, and proactive multi-level protection protects the system from any danger when surfing the Internet or using untested media. The database is compiled by independent laboratories, which improves the quality of the virus database.

  1. Kaspersky Free Antivirus

It is usually in the backyard of antivirus rankings, as many paid and free alternatives exceed the set of features that Kaspersky Lab can offer for free. The program contains a kernel of protection against malicious objects from the Internet, capable of protecting against viruses, spyware that has entered the computer through the network or external devices. The developer also claims that the antivirus can speed up the personal computer.