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Avast Free Antivirus Features

Avast Online Security: Avast Free Antivirus Features

Avast is one of the best free antiviruses on the market. At present, 435 million Avast installations are in use worldwide. Avast is also used for free by many users. That is thanks to a free Avast version, which offers (almost) top-tier security. 

Avast Antivirus Review ? Key Features

Avast became popular in the early 2000s, thanks for avast antivirus review. Alwil is the Czech company behind Avast. It had started to experience financial difficulties. To address these, Alwil released Avast as a freemium product.

  •    Avast is available for all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux)
  •    Installations are lightweight
  •    Avast can identify 99.5% of known virus threats
  •    Free Avast versions include basic malware, ransomware, and virus protection  

Free Avast versions also include a secure Avast web browser. This browser is based on Google Chrome and supports all Chrome extensions.  

Of course, no antivirus offers total protection free of charge. With Avast, though, free versions do guard against most threats.

The Avast Free Antivirus Vs. Paid Options

Free Avast versions do not include a firewall or a VPN. Nor do free versions include automatic scanning of pluggable media. For this reason, advanced users may want to consider upgrading to paid options. For instance, after reading the full the Avast Internet Security review it is possible to say that this package is the happy medium among all available plans).

Avast Paid Features Include:

Better Ransomware Protection ? Ransomware works by encrypting files on infected hard drives. Avast makes this impossible without full user authorization.

Webcam Spying ? Cybercriminals often attempt to hack PC webcams. Avast, therefore, uses software to lock down webcams and other peripherals.

Firewall and Phishing Protection ? The Avast firewall prevents unauthorized remote PC access. At the same time, Avast phishing tools block password phishing attempts.

File Shredding ? Deleted files on disk hard drives are easy to recover. Avast, therefore, provides tools which completely delete unwanted files from hard disks.

App Sandboxing ? Many PC users download and execute malicious programs accidentally.  Avast, therefore, allows users to run risky applications in safe sandbox areas.

Some paid Avast versions also include PC optimization tools. These include a disk cleaning utility and a PC driver updater. An Avast password manager can also be used to store website login credentials (though a free password manager is also available.)

Other Avast Benefits

n 2017, Wikileaks revealed that Avast was one of only a handful of apps which identified threats in tests run by the CIA. In 2016 and 2017, Avast also acquired antivirus tech companies AVG and Piriform. Avast is, therefore, a market leader in the PC security industry.

Avast Paid Plan Options

For Windows, Avast offers three subscription tiers. These being: Avast Internet Security, Avast Premier, and Avast Ultimate.

All paid versions include Avast’s virus and malware detection tools. (Including ransomware and phishing attack protection.)  However, only Avast Premier includes added webcam hacking protection. The Avast data shredder is also available in premium plans.

Avast Ultimate

Avast Ultimate combines all Avast security features. These include added VPN support and anti-online tracking tools. Ultimate versions can also be used on 10 PCs (as opposed to 5 devices with Premium, and 3 with Avast Internet Protection.)

Avast for Mac & Linux

Avast offers fewer subscription options for Mac and Linux users.  However, this does not mean that security is lacking. Mac and Linux systems suffer from fewer vulnerabilities than Windows systems. Avast, therefore, only provides protection where it is needed.

For Linux, Avast is free for home use (though paid server plans are available.) For Android. Avast is also free. However, users will need to pay for added VPN protection. For Mac, Avast is available in free and Pro versions.  

Avast Ease of Use

Many users commend the Avast user interface for its ease of use.

The Avast user interface is highly intuitive. After installation, it is easy to start scanning PC systems straight away. Avast also makes it easy to schedule automated scans. Even better, home network scanning allows users to detect vulnerabilities in home wifi networks.

Avast Internet Security Pros

Avast makes it easy to protect any Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android device. Of course, many users’ security needs are different. Features like VPN clients can, therefore, be purchased as separate Avast add-ons.

Free versions of Avast also include a free Gamer Mode setting. When used, Avast optimizes PCs for performance when games are played. That allows for smoother gameplay. However, Gamer Mode does not reduce malware or virus protection levels.   

Avast Internet Security Negatives

Avast loves to remind free users to consider upgrading to paid versions. Over time, upgrade reminders can become annoying. Also, some users report that PCs are slow to start up when Avast scans take place as systems boot (though this isn’t a problem when users boot without scanning.)

Avast Pricing

Avast is one of the best freemium antiviruses currently available. However, paid Avast subscriptions can be costly.

Running Avast on multiple Windows devices can cost $219.99 per year (with an Avast Ultimate subscription.) However, different subscription models are available. Moreover, enterprise users often consider investments more than worthwhile.  


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