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Best network operating systems

 Network Operating System

 Network Operating System is shortly called NOS. It is a software which allows you to communicate with multiple operating systems. Through this operating system, you can share files and devices with connected computers. Network Operating System or NOS has developed recently and the software developers are frequently improving the system for the users.

In 1983 the first Network Operating System was launched named Novell NetWare. Later on, Microsoft, Apple, and Linux have released their Network Operating System. These Operating Systems are mainly designed for the workstation, personal computer and other networks such as LAN, MAN, and WAN. Microsoft’s LAN Manager, Windows NT, and OpenVMS are some examples of the Network Operating System. Some features of the Network Operating System are;

  1. Basic Operating Features: It can detect the hardware and shared data over different computers. NOS also support various applications and third-party
  2. Security Features: NOS has all most all the basic operating system security features in it. It has the permission for accessing the remote computers, user management controls and access to the network.
  3. Networking: Network Operating system supports the internet functions, connection management etc. It can also manage and configure the network system accordingly.
  4. Administrative Interface: Through NOS administrative operating network one can perform setting up the network security protocols, data backup for individual and interconnected computers.

Some of the Best Network Operating System Softwares are;

  1. Artisoft’s LANtastic Network Operating System: This network operating system supports different PC, Workstation and Server. It is very fast and user-friendly and also supports Windows NT. LANastic is a multi-platform supportive network operating system software and easy to maintain.
  2. Novell’s Netware: Novell’s Netware is developed based on XNSp architecture and supports most of the operating system available in the market. It easily works on LAN and WAN.
  3. Microsoft’s LAN Manager: It has good multitasking option for Microsoft OS. Microsoft LAN Manager is made to maintaining the server database service and Windows 2000 Operating System. This also supports different desktop operating software such as DOS and OS/2 Clients.
  4. Banyan VINES: Virtual Integrated Network Service is derived from XNXp – Xerox Network System Protocols. This Network Operating System can send a specific request to different selected files and printers from the servers.

Network Operating System is mainly used in a business organization or big company where a strict and up to date communication need to maintain for collective works and maintenance. Depending upon the security and user interface the operating system for networking varies. You can choose your best network operating system from the above. Though NOS’s main function is giving multiple users a common platform to share the data and application, you can do many more.

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