Best Portable Monitors

To use the device for movies, work with photos and impressive gaming, you need to know what is better to buy – a monitor or LCD TV. You don’t need “cool” equipment to work with standard office applications, and simply watch TV. As for games, the device requires a powerful processor and video card, high frame rate, good brightness, and contrast, as well as fast response. It is important to take into account the factor of ease of use and pricing of equipment for entertainment.

The Best Portable Monitors You Can Buy in 2021 for Work and Play

Today, the market is steadily growing in demand for portable models of monitors. They usually have a small diagonal, but this is due to the fact that such devices are optimized for transportation. They can also have a number of functionalities and features, such as a touch screen, USB hub with 3 connectors, built-in speakers, and so on.

We would like you to take a look at two of the best portable monitors:

  1. IFA 2016.

This is a large display with a diagonal of 15.6, which can be taken with you on the road as a large presentation device, and used permanently as a second monitor. ZenScreen is very light and thin – only 8 mm. By the way, about millimeters – the thickness of the frame is only 6.5 mm, so with a large diagonal you have a very compact device. Complete with a portable display is a special smart case, which during transportation protects it from scratches and abrasions, and in use is a convenient stand.

  1. Lenovo ThinkVision M14.

Accurately transmit a signal and respond quickly to user interaction with the image. The technique is designed for close work: you can see the small details of the characters and the background of the game. The diagonal of about 20 inches is suitable for entertainment and work with text: the eyes do not get tired. The resolution of portable monitor for laptop is higher, so they are able to support more video content formats. Games of different years of release will look equally good on them, and here on the TV, the difference of quality will be appreciable.

Displays Compatible with USB, HDMI, and VGA

The key advantage, as the name implies, is its small size. Most models are represented by monitors with a diagonal of up to 15 inches, but there are other options, such as 17-18 inches. This makes it easy to transport devices and connect them to different computers or laptops as needed.

  1. Despite the relatively small diagonal, this technique can have:
  2. Low response time – from 3 ms.
  3. Ultra HD (4K) resolution support.
  4. Flicker-Free technology, which allows you to reduce the brightness without an excessive flicker of the screen
  5. Built-in speakers that eliminate the need to buy a separate audio system. Appropriate connectors are provided for sound reproduction.
  6. Touch screen that allows the user to work with content by touching the monitor, similar to tablets.

In addition to the above, the portable monitor can have a matte or glossy anti-glare coating. This allows you to use the device in any lighting because the image will always be clear and the number of glare is minimized.