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Is Avast Really Good for Mobile and PC?

Avast is not only a giant company but also one of the leaders in the antivirus protection industry. It offers customers a range of products that can protect different operating systems from all kinds of online threats. The software runs on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. This implies that it has versions for both smartphones and computers. Let’s discuss the peculiarities of Avast Antivirus to find out is Avast really good.

A Brief Overview

First of all, Avast is a bulky program. That’s why one should make sure the device has enough space and meets all the minimum requirements. The PC needs at least 1.5 GB of free space. While the program won’t take all this space, it needs a lot to install all the components and start working.

The installation process doesn’t differ much from adding any other antivirus. Simply run the file and follow the instructions.

Avast offers different bundles of features. So, decide which version you want. In case the choice seems too hard, one can go with a Free Edition. It brings a great selection of tools and offers completely free protection. There is a possibility to upgrade anytime and explore the software before the purchase.

The Selection of Features and Protection Methods

Premium versions have the biggest variety of extra tools and features. Yet, most offers include a software updater, sandbox, real site feature, rescue disk, and a Wi-Fi inspector.

Surely, there are core protection and several scan modes. The latter include a quick scan, a folder scan, a USB scan, and a Boot-Time scan. Whenever Avast detects a threat or suspicious activity, it offers three basic options. A user may choose to delete, repair or do nothing with it.

Other tools assist in all-round protection. For instance, Avast has a Sandbox feature. It allows the users to open files they don’t trust. A similar feature was developed for online browsing. It was named the Real Site. The feature scans the sites in the search results and blocks various phishing sites, scams, and viruses.

Depending on the version a user wants, the bundle may also contain features like a Password Manager, Cleanup Premium, Game Mode, etc. Premium versions offer a Secure VPN, a File Shredder, and a Personal Firewall as well.

The Pros and Cons of Avast for Mobile and PC

Regardless of the device you have, Avast brings such advantages as:

  1. An abundant selection of extra features (even in the Free Edition);
  2. Plenty of configurations to adjust the antivirus program to one’s taste;
  3. Great URL filters that are often praised by the independent testing labs.

On the other hand, there are some weaknesses, too. Avast Antivirus is:

  1. Rather pricey. The price tag is higher than offers by other antivirus companies. Yet, one can simply pick a free version to avoid this issue;
  2. According to the results from the independent testing labs, the program still fails to detect and stop certain threats. The scores are very high but not 100%.

The Verdict

Avast Antivirus offers protection for different devices that run on different operating systems. That’s why the bundles can differ and bring various features. Mobile devices generally get less than PC editions. However, the company manages to offer a rich selection of options to satisfy all customers.

The antivirus brings not only great protection but such extras as a file shredder, a VPN, a safe browser, and other utilities to secure the best browsing experience. It’s also a perfect solution for those who are on a tight budget. The company offers a Free Edition that is full of extras, too.

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