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Dog Cameras Review 2019

Leaving their pets at home is still a significant challenge for their owners. At the same time, everyone strives to ensure maximum safety and comfort for their pets so that the animal does not get into trouble while you are not at home.

PetChatz Pet Treat Camera

This camera has outstanding functionality and allows you to watch your pet with two-way audio and video mode. Besides, the device can use PetChatz essential oil scent to make your pet feel more comfortable.

Distinctive features of this camcorder:

  • Using two-way video and audio accompaniment
  • If you find any sounds near the camera, you will receive a notification
  • Aromatherapy function to support your pet while animals are at home and miss you
  • Using a high-performance of this best dog camera with Smart Alerts

Furbo dog camera

This device allows you to communicate with your dog and continuously stay in touch with your pet. Thanks to the two-way audio-video accompaniment, you will always know when your dog is looking at the camera and wants to hear from you.

Distinctive features of Furbo Dog Camera:

  • The ability to treat your dog with the Furbo app
  • If your pet barks or whines you will receive a notification on your mobile phone
  • Great opportunity to view the room where the pet is located with a wide viewing angle of up to 160 degrees
  • Excellent device quality-price ratio

Unique YI Dome Camera

A special YI dome camera uses a 360-degree lens while providing the highest definition quality so you can stay with your pet all day. At the same time, you have a unique opportunity to use two-way audio communication and receive important alerts about your dog’s activity.

Among the most useful features of this device, it is worth noting the following:

Using a durable HD lens with the ability to cover the room up to 360 degrees

Incredibly clear two-way audio accompanied by a special anti-noise filter

The ability to receive updated 10-second videos that are recorded when the motion sensor is triggered

Tooge pet camera

This camcorder is one of the most budgetary versions among camcorders for pets. The device is also effortless to configure and contains the most useful functions such as:

  • Notification on a mobile phone when a motion sensor is triggered and detection of your dog’s activity
  • Now watching your pet and seeing what the dog is doing has become incredibly easy and affordable.

Among the most critical parameters that this camera possesses are worth noting the following:

  • The unique panorama shooting experience
  • Choosing a tilt and zoom lens for unique views
  • Real-time instant alerts to alert the owner of dog activity
  • High-quality two-way audio
  • Night vision mode to check what the animal is doing at any time

Pawbo life pet camera

Now to watch your dog and not let the animal get bored without you at home, you can use an incredibly functional camera called Pawbo Life Pet. This device will help you provide a very smooth and clear HD video broadcast. Also, the camera has a unique laser game function.

The most critical parameters that this camera has are:

  • Superb 720p HD lens that helps deliver bright and smooth video streaming
  • The ability to play with your animal using a laser game that installs automatically
  • The opportunity to treat your pet with a delicious treat and encourage good behavior


Using any of the listed video devices will help you significantly reduce the degree of anxiety that your pet is left at home alone. Now you have a great opportunity at any time to connect and watch what your dog does and thereby not worry about the pet throughout the day.

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