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Total AV vs Avast

In this review we are going to compare with each other Total Av and the Avast antivirus. And we will going to start from the Total AV. 

Total AV Review

Total AV – a complex antivirus with firewall and the strengthened protection of personal data.

Antivirus and the anti-spy with the effective engine provides reliable protection against malicious applications and encoders. The new adaptive technology of scanning allows to increase the speed and productivity of anti-virus solution.

Bilateral firewall in Total AV Internet Security controls all Internet connections on the computer and ensures safety of Wi-fi of connection.

Multilevel web protection includes an anti-phishing, protection against the harmful websites, safe search, the isolated web browser and the e-wallet for the protected Internet banking and online purchases. Parental control with web management allows to block an inappropriate content and to keep track of online activity of your children.

The web portal allows to manage far off protection of your devices on which protection of Bitdefender is set.

Basic functions and Total AV components:


  • Complex data protection
  • Advanced Threat Defense
  • Multilevel protection against encoders
  • Protection against a phishing
  • Protection against fraud
  • Antispam
  • The protected files
  • Safe web surfing
  • Rescue Mode
  • Productivity

Total AV Autopilot:

  • Total AV Photon
  • Operation mode from the battery
  • Cloud integration
  • Game, Movie and Work modes
  • Privacy protection

Total AV Anti-Tracker:

  • Protection of the webcam
  • Total AV SafePay
  • Parental control
  • File Schröder
  • Total AV firewall
  • Protection of social networks
  • Password manager
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Enciphering of files

Avast Antivirus Review

New Avast Antivirus uses the advanced and effective functions of antivirus protection, including cloud computing of detection.

Protect personal data, financial information and other confidential data by means of the cross-platform license which can be applied on Windows and macOS computers.

New levels of protection:

  • Protection against encoders. Prevention of enciphering of personal data for the subsequent repayment.
  • Protection of devices. Scanning of portable devices on harmful contents and warning during suspicious actions.
  • Avast Antivirus for Windows

Protection of the computer:

  • Antivirus. The protection against malicious applications awarded awards (viruses, Net worms, trojans, etc.)
  • Cloud technology of protection. Scanning of unknown files in real time and recognition of malicious software and exploits.
  • Technologies of artificial intelligence. Unique algorithms of machine learning allow to be protected even from the latest threats.
  • Protection against encoders. Detection and blocking of trojans extortioners before they are able to cipher files.
  • Protection of e-mail. Protection of the unprotected and not ciphered mail traffic.
  • Intellectual system of recovery. The technology of recovery, best in the class, of damage to files caused by malicious applications.
  • Self-defense. Prevention of change or shutdown of antivirus protection from malicious software.
  • Protection of devices. Blocking of intervention of malicious applications on figurative carriers at their connection to the computer.
  • Firewall. Includes control of the standard Windows Firewall.

Web protection:

  • Web protection. Pro-active blocking of loading of harmful and fraudulent websites.
  • Protection of networks. Pro-active scanning of network traffic and blocking of threats.
  • The protected Internet banking and Internet shopping. Protection of banking on the Internet and personal financial data.
  • Technology of protection against botnets. Preventing to the hidden control over the computer from hackers.
  • Control of programs. Blocking of suspicious behavior and control of activity of the system Windows firewall.
  • Protection against PNP. Identification of the undesirable software hidden in reliable applications.

    While compering two antiviruses Total AV vs Avast, Avast better in few times.

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