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Dual operating system

Dual operating system ? Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu

Operating System is the life of a computer. The user can choose a different operating system from the available market. The question is, does is computer only runs one operating system? Or it is possible to have two or more operating system on your computer at the same time. Well, Yes You Can. It is called dual boot. When you run more than 1 operating system on your computer it is called dual booting. Every time you open your computer having two operating systems installed in it, a boot manager program is displayed giving you an option to choose which operating system you want to run on your computer. You can install more than two operating systems on your computer. It is called a multi-boot system.

The most popular duel booting operating system is windows and Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the popular Linux based operating system and it is very popular for its very friendly user-interface. To use dual booting system on your computer first setup Your Windows for Duel Boot by shrinking your C-Drive and Create New Unallocated Space and then Download and Install Your Ubuntu using windows dual boot. Before you go for dual boot, you always need to back up your important files. Cause there are following risks duel booting Ubuntu and Windows Operating system.

  1. Overwriting Data or Operating System: Using dual operating system can sometimes cause overwriting the system data. It can happen when the installation wizard is unable to detect the primary partition. This can cause losing your data.
  2. Slow Down Your Productivity: Using dual operating system can cause slow down your pc as well as your productivity rate. Because whenever you are choosing one after another every time, it cases time and energy loss. So, you should always choose the best alternative.
  3. The partition can be locked: Partition lock is a common phenomenon using a dual operating system. If anyhow your windows shut down unexpectedly, Linux/Ubuntu will automatically lock your dedicated HDD.
  4. Updating Windows: Updating Ubuntu/Linux is ok in dual booting but windows can create serious problems. Sometimes after updating the windows, it can rewrite the MBR and erase the link to Ubuntu/Linux partition.
  5. Viruses Problems: Though Ubuntu/Linux is virus proof. Means viruses don?t attack the Linux operating system. But, in a dual operating system, Ubuntu/Linux can become as vulnerable as windows.

Using two operating systems on the same computer can be very useful sometimes. But again, the user has to keep in mind the risks behind it. One thing the operator can regularly do is, back up the data into somewhere else or cloud. So, whatever the risks or lacking are, the user can operate the computer freely.

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