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Most Secure Operating system security

Operating System Security

Operating System Security(O.S) means a programming process that detects and eliminate unauthorized access into the computer and keeps your operating system safe and secure. Every operating system is vulnerable without the security system to protect it from outside attack, viruses, worms etc. These days operating system developer gives built is system security to ensure its user’s data protection and management.

In term of the most secure operating system available in the market right now, first comes the name of OpenBSD. This operating system is the most secure operating system in terms of general usages. OpenBSD maintains very strict auditing policy and has a very minimum attack on their server. Because of the continuous monitor, fewer hackers attack and very hard system policy; OpenBSD is in the top of the game in the most secure operating system list.

Linux is an open source and highly customizable operating system available in the market. It’s totally free. But in some cases, some of the developers ask for minimum payment to use some extra services. The user can make this operating system as he/she wants and how much security they needed to. Though a very limited number of people uses the Linux Operating System for the least number of Application Support, Developers are developing a large number of applications for it recently.

Then comes the name of Mac OS. This operating system is developed by Apple Inc. It has everything built in and also a highly encrypted data storage system. It has a very minimum number of security vulnerabilities where hackers and viruses can attack. Apple computer is highly priced which restrict the number of users for long and has a very quality application which doesn’t require the installation of a vast number of applications keeps the operating system more manageable and secure for the users.

Windows is somehow at the bottom of the most secure operating system list. It’s mainly because of its popularity and continuous attack. It is very easy to use, and user-friendly which lefts the operating system vulnerable in some parts. In recent years, Microsoft Corporation has improved a lot to their operating system, like Windows server 2008, Windows 8. Windows 10 etc. The most amazing and solid upgrade was Windows 10. Microsoft strengthens the security system of very wisely in Windows 10 Update.

There are some other operating systems available in the market, you probably never heard the name before. But we include the name here as they were very secure.

HP-UX11i is a Unix-based Hewlett-Packard OS. This operating system has been maintaining superior security and monitoring policies. It was not commercially that much popular but compared to another operating system it is more secure and safe to use.

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